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Sean Sutphen's bedside manner is, literally, terrific. He visited at 6:40a the day after knee surgery to check on and comfort me. To my surprise, he came back 10 minutes later, wanting to unwrap the knee himself just to make sure everything was okay. Perfectionism in a surgeon is a good quality. The staff think he's great also.
Dr. Sutphen without question is one the finest Dr, Surgeon , I have encountered. From the day of our first meeting and now after the knee surgery, I am convinced I made the right choice, There not enough space to express what a great person/Dr. Sutphen, I would highly recommend Dr, Sutphen to anyone who may need knee replacement Will be having a second knee replacement early next year and there is only one Dr. I trust to preform this surgery.
Dr. Sutphen answered all my questions and allowed me to relax about my hip surgery. His staff was wonderful in scheduling me and letting me know everything I needed to along the way. Great job!
Dr. Sutphen accurately and quickly diagnosed my knee issues and ultimately performed surgery and my knees are feeling better than they have in many years. I highly recommend him.
Dr. Sutphen did an excellent job with my knee scope. Recovery was fast and painless!
Absolutely the nicest doctor I've ever had. He is also thorough and takes time. Would recommend him to everyone. The facility is excellent.
Yes I feel I am in good hands but forgot to ask about his wife who is expecting their 3rd child. Sorry we went to the wrong office and were very late. EXCELLENT RATINGS W/ALL 4 DEPTS. JOAN
Dr. Sutphen is awesome! The most caring, friendly, knowledgeable. excellent doctor I have ever met. At my first meeting with Dr. Sutphen, I knew immediately, he was the surgeon that I wanted to perform my knee replacement! And couldn't be happier!
To sum it up, Dr. Sutphen is the best! He listened to me displaying unbelievable empathy. My knee replacement went so smooth and cannot believe I didn't do it sooner. My family and I are very impressed with his level of care. I would recommend him to anyone.
Dr. Sutphen is the most caring , and wonderful doctor I have ever had, he cares about you; You have confidence in his suggestions.
Excellent surgeon with a great bedside manner. The best doctor/patient relationship I've ever had. Dr. Sutphen discussed everything about the procedure and was there the entire time for me.
I recently had both hips replaced by Dr. Sean Sutphen who, despite his youthful appearance is a highly qualified and professional surgeon.... the proof is in my drastically improved quality of life. a few short months ago I could barely walk.. and not at all without the aid of a cane. Now I'm mobile and improving all the time.
As important as his skills as a surgeon are,,it is his positive attitude and obvious sense of what is best for his patients that make him a great doctor and something of a standout in his field.
Both before and after the surgery Dr. Sutphen took time to explain the procedures and to make sure I was comfortable at every stage of this important and life changing event for me.
I wasn't surprised to see him before and after the operation at the hospital... but I was surprised when he called me at 8.00 o clock on the evening before surgery to reassure me that I was in good hands with his team of professionals. And I was.
And he's a nice guy
Dr. Sutphen answered all my questions, he genuinely seemed interested in me and took his time. I never thought I needed surgery but the MRI confirmed his suspiction. I am so glad I met him...I am not worried about having any future knee problems as long as he is my doctor :)
Dr. Sutphen is very caring and a true professional. My hip revision is doing great. I would recommend him to anyone needing this type of surgery. Thank you Dr. Sutphen.
Dr Sutphen is so wonderful! He took his time to explain everything with me & we came up with a great treatment plan. I'm very happy to be in his care. His assistant Lennie was wonderful. She's very thorough and I'm very impressed with her fast response to my calls.
Dr. Sutphen is truly amazing! He is very thorough, genuine, and was informative of the latest advancements. I had a total hip replacement done by Dr. Sutphen and I recovered very quickly. So grateful for him getting me back to quality of life I want.
I would highly recommend Dr. Sutphen for knee surgery. He treats the whole patient, not just the symptoms, and he explains what he is doing and why. Great bedside manner. I am back on the paddle court thanks to this great doctor.
The utmost professional doctor. Knee replacement was extremely smooth with him. Can’t thank his staff enough for all being so helpful.
How can I thank you? Not just for your professional skills but for the thought and concern you displayed while treating me.

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